Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

The Timeline

For a successful project and solid stakeholder management a timeline is needed. Reserve you all the time you need to explore robots, talk to experts and consultants, find your robotic solution and procurement. It is important to always receive time ranges or deadlines from all external and internal partners.

Also plan in some buffer time if some deadlines are missed, as this is often the case. The timeline also is important because it is a basis for discussion when updating stakeholders (including the employees onsite and especially the employees responsible for the operations).

Phase Milestone to reach What to do Duration
Started research & preparations - Handling expectations
- Find supporters within the company
Use case identification Identified use cases - Find use cases for the proof of concept
- Talk about the possible cases with employees and management
4 weeks
Use Case Concretization Final short list of use cases - From long list to short list
- Filter complex use cases from the use cases that can be realized more easily
2-4 weeks
Solution Design Finished solution design - Find a suitable robotic solution for the use case
- Contact manufacturers of the robotic solutions and talk about all requirements and your use case
1-4 month
Offer Preparation Final offer requested - Prepare an offer for your preferred solution
- It is also possible to contact more than one manufacturer
1-2 weeks
Negotiation Phase Order confirmed - Negotiation about the offers
- Confirmation of your orderTime plan for PoC and arrival of the robot.
2 weeks
PoC Preparation Robot arrives - Ask manufacturer for instructionsHandle expectations of employees
- Prepare network access and infrastructure for the robot
2-5 month
Robot Integration Robot runs - Training with employees
- Robot is running
1-4 weeks
Proof of concept PoC evaluated & communicated - Evaluate all KPIs
- Talk to the employees and the management
- Communicate your PoC within the company and external if needed
2 weeks

The framework also provides a downloadable timeline to manage a PoC.

Important Material

Proof of Concept Timeline
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