Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Transparent Communication

Crucial for successful projects is good communication. Between all involved parties but even more with all the people who are affected directly or indirectly. Talking about ‘Transparent Communication’ we refer to the broader and open communication instead of the private direct communication.
Typical channels for transparent communication are digitally like the company wiki, social media, mails or others as well as the offline options like posters, flyers or all-hand meetings. Create a strategy on how to properly combine the channels and leverage the specific characteristics of them. Mails are very direct and mostly consumed by persons alone whereas posters or interactive screens can be consumed by groups, starting discussions.

As a starter you can use our PoC-Timeline-Poster and place it in break rooms or whiteboards which are used during your regular meetings on the shopfloor. Presenting the new robot with some capabilities of what it can do and what not, is as important as if you would introduce a new team member.
More interactive options are the daily stand-ups where you could show some video or talk about the upcoming devices and process. Taking the robot to a company event for example and playing around lowers fear and reluctance.

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