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Market overview

Macroeconomic trends such as the increasing shortage of skilled workers and the drastically increasing demand in online retail are forcing logistics providers to equip themselves with mobile robots for the future. WAKU Robotics supports you from the first step of the market overview to the ready-to-use robot. WAKU has an offer for you for all of these building blocks on your automation journey.

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What's the difference of AGV and AMR? AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are characterized by greater flexibility. This applies to the defined routes as well as to the tasks that the device can take on. Due to the higher intelligence of the AMR, it can work much more flexibly compared to the traditional AGV.
How does a robot work? Mobile robots can take on various tasks such as transporting boxes, pallets and trolleys. They are also suitable for picking tasks and cleaning. They take over these tasks automatically and reliably. Today's robots are programmed very easily using a graphical user interface.
Typical use cases Here you will find a selection of use cases that occur most frequently in logistics and production.
Cart Transport
Pallet Transport

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Lots Of Bots The largest comparison platform for mobile robots with over 300 different robot solutions easily accessible to you.

Robotics as a Service Flexible rental models with an all-round carefree package enable a low-risk entry into robotics. No theoretical planning is a substitute for hands-on tests.