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The mobile robot market is complex and fragmented. Many manufacturers offer different robot systems for various applications. This makes it difficult to access the mobile robot market. WAKU Robotics offers you a comprehensive overview of the market as well as the option to compare and procure existing systems. We support you in all steps from the first decision to the successful integration of the robots on-site.

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Extensive market overview

Support with negotiations & decision

Experience in project management


How many mobile robots are there? In our database we have over 300 mobile robots from 100 manufacturers worldwide. We look for the right robot solution to match your specific application and the selected budget.
How does the procurement process work? After selecting the right robot system, we negotiate the terms with all suitable manufacturers. Thanks to our experience in project management of such robot projects, we coordinate all of the following steps for you.

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Tender process & robot comparison We coordinate a tender process for your special application. Thanks to the largest database of mobile robots, we can find the best robot system for your requirements.

Robot Rental (RaaS) With the Robots as a Service (RaaS) model, we offer flexible rental models for mobile robots

Requirements & specifications We create the specifications and all requirements for a robot system for you

Negotiations & delivery We negotiate your terms with all suitable robot manufacturers internationally. We also take care of the delivery of the robot.

Integration on site After delivery, we can also take care of the integration of the robot at your location, if you wish.