Reliable & Efficient Robot Operations

Real Time Fleet Analysis

How can I visualize the performance of my robots? Where is the potential for a higher utilization of the robots? WAKU Sense answers these questions. With WAKU Sense you get a real-time overview of your robot fleet with all associated KPIs and statistics.

Photo by Tommy Halfter

KPIs at a glance & make potential visible

Real-time alerting & error analysis

Traffic management of the entire fleet


Which robots are compatible with WAKU Sense? Thanks to the simple integration of the interface for WAKU Sense, we can connect all robot manufacturers to our system.
How does WAKU Sense inform me when the robots have an error? WAKU Sense is able to communicate via SMS and email as well as modern messages such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

This is what WAKU Sense can offer you

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All KPIs at a glance WAKU Sense offers you an overview of all relevant key figures, which you can group and display as you wish.

Recognize potential quickly WAKU Sense shows you when and where your robots have potential for greater utilization.

Duration of the tasks Analyze when which tasks took longer and optimize the process with WAKU Sense.

Real-time alerting Receive notifications on all common channels as soon as an error occurs or the robot has problems.

Real-time status for monitors WAKU Sense offers the option of displaying all running robots in an overview with their current status.