Expandable & universal

Vendor independent fleet control

How can I analyze and control robots from several manufacturers? How can I combine several use cases of transport, sorting and goods to person? For this, WAKU Platform offers a warehouse control system that combines the orchestration of different fleets in one solution.

Easily expandable

Missions & jobs configurable

Efficient orchestration


How can new robots be integrated? Thanks to the compact interface of WAKU Platform, robots from other manufacturers can be integrated very quickly.
Is it necessary to orchestrate robots from multiple manufacturers? In the warehouse of the future, robots from different manufacturers will work together. This requires a system that makes these systems visible and controllable.

This is what WAKU Platform can offer you

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Easily expandable New robots can easily be added to WAKU Platform

Always manufacturer-independent Thanks to a compact interface, the WAKU Platform is manufacturer-independent and offers you maximum flexibility

Efficient orchestration of robots WAKU Platform orchestrates all robot systems in order to optimally utilize all resources in the system.