Temporary test environment

On-site test with mobile robots

No planning can replace a proof of concept (PoC) in a real test environment. The robot can be tested in an pre-selected use case and the technology can be evaluated. The employees get to know the robots and can use them to optimize the process.

Photo by Tommy Halfter

Training of employees

Testing the processes

Gaining experience


How does the robot get to me? After determining the application and choosing the right robot solution, we take care of the on-site test (PoC).
How long will the robot stay with us? These on-site tests (PoC) usually last between 2 weeks and 2 months. An evaluation is then required. During the PoC, the process and the efficiency of the robots in the process are continuously improved.

Our PoC offers at a glance

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Project Management Coordination of all companies involved for a successful implementation

Rent mobile robots We procure mobile robots for you using a flexible rental model

Change Management We support you with change management in your company with workshops and teaching material

Evaluation of PoC After the on-site test with the mobile robot, we support you with the evaluation of the PoC and the further steps.

All KPIs in WAKU Platform With WAKU Platform we offer you the software tool for on-site tests. In Sense you will find all the relevant KPIs, occurring errors and potentials.