Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

3 - Workforce

Shift of Responsibility

The times when a job was just a job are over. Employees expect that they contribute to a higher goal of their organization. Therefore the organization needs to provide employees with these objectives and show them how their work pays into it.

With more and more intelligent tools coming into the warehouse, responsibility for these tools will shift in the direction of all employees. Intelligent tools need to be managed and controlled. This task requires management skills as well as a broader understanding of all the processes in the warehouse as well as the technology behind them.

This development already makes clear that new relevant jobs will arise. Some will be more specialized in managing those intelligent tools (a mobile robot for example), others require rather technically competent personnel and play an important role when it comes to maintaining those tools.

All of these new arising jobs will come with more responsibilities for workers. On the one hand, there is the responsibility to handle intelligent tools, but on the other hand, there is also the responsibility to always be up to date with the knowledge about the tools.

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