Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

The TRANSFORM Principles

Decouple economic growth from environmental degradation

Transform by decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation. The goal is to develop our life and our economy within the framework of the resilience of the natural balance. There are more and more options of getting financial support for the implementation of appropriate measures.

Starting with: Evaluate the opportunity to get green bonds or other types of financing for your change. Assess your defined processes and find room for improvement. The options of being part of the upcoming industrial revolution using robots as well as contributing to sustainability are getting more and more attractive.

Measures & Initiatives: Funds, grants and bonds continue to be structured to support sustainability projects in organizations. A lot of opportunities emerge with these financial instruments supporting you in this change. Try to find possibilities to reduce waste, generate renewable energy and recycle or upcycle. To get a grip on this initiative, establish a project team that deals with these kinds of optimizations. As attractive as the financial instruments look, the focus lies on identifying the potential we mentioned and finding ways to improve it efficiently. The circular economy holds a lot of opportunities, too. Investigate which potential partners are of interest to you to establish a link to the circular economy. Someone's waste could be your raw material, and your waste could be someone else's raw material.

Feedback on progress: The feedback on how you are performing comes mostly from outside. For instance, institutions that give financial support to you, will respond to your request. But also, talking to business partners on the potential to optimize your facility can give you valuable feedback on how you are doing.

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