Start your Robotic Automation Journey

WAKU Robotics is your experienced partner along the automation journey with mobile robots in logistics and production. With our offers we accompany you in the first steps of robot selection up to the integration of the selected robot.

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Start of the journey

Exploring & Research

You are looking for solutions and orientating on the market.

Need Consulting

You need consulting and advice on how to start with mobile robots.

Solution Design & Simulation

You need professional solution design for your mobile robot use case.

On-Site Robot Test

Set up an on-site testbed to understand working with robotic systems and evaluate the specific robotic solution

Procuring Robots

You need to procure robots. WAKU can guide you through this process

Analyze and assess robots

Proactive monitoring and alerting together with actionable insights in real time, allow optimal robot operation

Multi-Vendor Fleet Control

Orchestrate single- and multi-vendor robot fleets through a single interface. Keep in control of integrating, setting up, monitoring, operating and maintaining your robotic fleet